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Per our HOA C&R(s), roofing changes must be submitted to the ACC for approval. Your roofing materials must meet the requirements described in the C&R’s and your contractor must agree to install the types of materials, colors and methods described in the C&R’s.
  1. Composition roof materials meet the following technical criteria and will be installed in the manner hereinafter prescribed: Composition roof materials shall be laminated or “dimensional” shingles with a class “A” fire rating and shall carry a minimum 40-year manufacturer warranty and have a minimum weight of 360 lbs per “square” (100 square feet).
  2. Roof material color must be slate, gray, “weathered wood” or a color consistent with “weathered wood” as approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
Your contractor must agree to the following installation procedures:
  • All wood or other shingles shall be removed.
  • Decking (7/16 inch minimum thickness) shall be installed followed by the installation of a membrane underlayment.
  • Pre-finished baked enamel metal edging or metal edging painted to match fascia board shall be installed.
  • Valleys must be open with exposed-coated metal or pre-finished baked enamel metal flashing. 
  • All stacks and valleys must be either pre-finished or painted to match the roof material.
  • Attic vents should be added as necessary to ensure adequate ventilation in accordance with the roof material product manufacturer specifications.  Such vents shall be located in the back of the house.
  • Ridge material must be equivalent to “Z-Ridge” or other “heavy ridge” material as approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
Please complete this form, attaching any supporting details that will help expedite your request. The ACC Committee with review and get back to you as soon as possible with their decision.
Marking the signature check box constitutes signing the request.
Approval of the ACC, while required by Monticello HOA, does not supersede any approvals and building permits which may be required by the City of Colleyville or Southlake. It is recommended that you check with the Building Departments of your respective city to make sure you apply for and receive any required approvals.
Roofing Approval
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