Welcome to Monticello HOA. As a resident you will find information on who is on your board and what their responsibilities are, how to contact them for any issues, review minutes of meetings, HOA policies and governing documents, book time on our Tennis Courts, and many other services. As a guest, please visit the About Monticello page for more information about our HOA. We look forward to welcoming you as a neighbor should you find a home in our HOA.
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October 2019 Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 23rd, 7 pm at 8109 Montpelier Way, Colleyville
October 2019 Board Meeting
2020 Annual Meeting
Wednesday, February 12th, 7pm at Colleyville Center
Monticello HOA Annual Meeting

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New Colleyville Roundabouts
Posted on Sep 27th, 2019
The board has been in discussion with Colleyville Public Works about the two new roundabouts being planned at intersections near the Monticello Parkway entrance to the neighborhood. 
  • The McDonwell/Westcoat roundabout has been under design for about a year now and is expected to go into construction in Spring of 2020.
  • The John McCain/Westcoat roundabout has been recently added to help alleviate congestion at that particular intersection that will be at the heels of the completion of the McDonwell roundabout. It is expected to be in construction by Summer of 2020.
Exhibits for each can be found at the following links - McCain and McDonwell

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