Architectural Control
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for review and compliance with C&R's related to architecture and construction on properties within the HOA. ACC guidelines and forms to submit for construction or roofing changes are available below.
Approval of the ACC, while required by Monticello HOA, does not supersede any approvals and building permits which may be required by the City of Colleyville or Southlake. It is recommended that you check with the Building Departments of your respective city to make sure you apply for and receive any required approvals.
When in doubt, please ask. Contact the ACC.
ACC Forms ACC Documents Committee Members Please be aware that it takes time to review the materials submitted against the C&Rs and a majority of the 5 ACC members must agree before the request is approved or denied. Per the C&Rs, Article X.C the ACC has 30 days from submission of the request in which to complete this process.
Construction Form Construction Guidelines Larry Lewis (Chairman)
Roofing Form Roofing Guidelines Neal Wetzel
Other Exterior Changes   Sherry Lowe
    Curtis Young
    Rebecca Brignole
Roofing Guidelines Summary Construction Guidelines Summary
Under Construction - see guideline document at link above and C&R documents for full details.
  • Construction restrictions are detailed in Article X of the C&Rs beginning on page 14.
  • Any structure to be built in Colleyville must be 25 feet from your rear property line, 25 feet from a side street and 10 feet from a side neighbor property line.
  • In Southlake the set back distances are 20 feet from your rear property line, 20 feet from a side street and 10 feet from a side neighbor property line.
  • Items that do not require our HOA ACC approval are many simple maintenance jobs including
    • staining fences with a natural / neutral color,
    • replastering a pool,
    • replacing windows with a like product,
    • replacing doors with a like product,
    • house painting with a similar / non offensive color,
    • repairing or replacing an existing fence with a like product,
    • etc.
  • Items that should be submitted for approval include
    • the construction of outdoor kitchens, gazebos, pergolas,
    • home additions,
    • new pools and spas,
    • patio extensions,
    • totally new fence,
    • koi ponds,
    • etc.